Wang Yan Xia

Name: 王岩霞

Age: 23

Grade: 3rd year university

University: Capital Normal University, Beijing

Degree: Mathematics, Applied Mathematics

Hometown: Shandong Province

Career Hope: Teacher

Hobbies: Badminton, swimming, climbing

Experience with CNYTrust: I feel very luck to have met CNYTrust. With them, every week I have been able to go to Dandelion Primary School to teach the children Mathematics and make new friends - the students are extremely well behaved and fun, and I believe we both enjoy the experience and learn a lot from it. The support of CNYTrust's Scholarship means that my family can keep more money for themselves, and has made me feel more responsible and independent. I hope that in the future I can continue working with CNYTrust, so that I can pass on the help I was given to others who might need it - I will work hard not to disappoint anyone!

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