CNYTrust Scholars

"Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today." Malcom X

At CNYTrust, we believe in the power of education to make profound change. Through our work, we seek to make an impact on all levels of the education system. Our primary focus in recent years has been providing Scholarships for University students pursuing careers in education. China suffers from an acute lack of highly qualified teachers who are passionate about education young people and children. Our Scholarship program therefore focuses on:

  1. students who have strong academic backgrounds (all our students currently are based at the highly prestigious Capital Normal University Beijing);
  2. have extenuating financial circumstances;
  3. are committed to the teaching profession, and most importantly;
  4. demonstrate a passion to make a positive impact on the education system in China.

However, we are acutely aware that the problem of access to education is extremely broad. CNYTrust therefore also provides Scholarships to Primary and Middle School students, as well as contributing towards the construction of schools and provision of important educational tools (e.g. books, computers, playgrounds etc. - see our work at Da Miao Primary School). As always, we are open to ideas, so please get in touch if you have suggestions!

Our goal is to enact fundamental and permanent improvement to education in China, and to constantly assessing the most effective methods to achieve this.

Where your money goes

For every £1 raised, we aim for 60p to benefit our students. The remaining 40p helps to raise the next £1.

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